School History

Christa Panthi Ashram, Sihora, Dist. Jabalpur, M.P.m established in year 1942 is a faith venture of few dedicated people. MarThoma Gram Jyoti School in Sihora was started with the blessing of the Ashram and the initiation was taken by Late Rev. M.M. Abraham. The new venture of faith was under the MarThoma Gram Jyoti Education and Development Society of Mar Thoma Church in North India. This is in reply to the long standing demand of educated parents for the endeavour of the school will be to create an awareness in the "LOVING GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND TO LOVE NEIGHBOUR AS YOUR HEART AND TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF". This is a leap of faith towards an unknown future with the hopes that God will guide us to lead many from darkness to light.